Creating Client Value

Creating Client Value (3DCCV™)

Unlocking the secrets of customer-centric selling

Your best salespeople don’t follow your sales process.

Or anyone else’s. They are customer-centric. They act as trusted advisors to their clients, guiding them through their buying cycle.

They build a pipeline through the skilled use of their networks and research. They stimulate demand by understanding the customer’s objectives and the barriers to achieving them. They create value through the insights and solutions they bring to the discussion. They challenge the customer, but they also build trust, and they have more than one insight up their sleeve.

They influence the customer’s decision process more skillfully than the competition.

Sales issues and how 3DCCV can help:

Weak sales pipeline

CCV’s advanced techniques support referral and lead generation; highly effective strategies for account entry drive new opportunities.

Low share of wallet

CCV’s proven tools identify and prioritize gaps in coverage across major accounts.

Small average deal size

CCV’s skills and tools focus on customer objectives and barriers to progress. Mapping your capabilities onto those needs to increase the size of the opportunity.

Slow sales cycle

CCV ’s sophisticated approach to navigating stakeholders finds the pressure points in the organization and builds momentum behind the decision.

Low win rates

CCV training uncovers the criteria that customers use to assess competing solutions and develops powerful strategies to win the competitive game.

Discounting to win business

CCV training refocuses clients on value (avoiding ‘value myopia’) and offers more levers to win pitches than price alone. Negotiation and Commercial Acumen modules can be added to focus on this area.

I used Risk Alleviation strategies the day after the course. Not only did we secure the contract, the client actually said, ‘Thank you, that part of the meeting really added value for me.’

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