Strategy Copilot

Imparta’s Copilot® series of award-winning simulations

Strategy CoPilot® builds knowledge and skills around strategic decision-making, diagnosis, and creativity across the organization and has been used by over ten thousand learners as they sharpen their strategy skills. The Strategy CoPilot® simulation and tutorials are built around the same fundamental structure and allow users to test and develop their skills in a realistic environment.

Who will benefit from using Strategy CoPilot®?

Strategy CoPilot® is highly relevant to all your managers who are involved in:

  • Creating strategy (or finding new strategic positions to add to existing strategy)
  • Moving from functional management positions to positions with broader management responsibilities
  • Preparing or evaluating investment proposals
  • Reviewing the strategies of business units, product lines or companies
  • Communicating strategy
  • Implementing strategy

In fact, as the ability to think strategically is at the core of successful management development, it should form a key element in any fast-track or general management training.

What will the training achieve?

Strategic thinking requires a range of skills that are captured in Strategy CoPilot’s rich learning environment:

By the end of the programme, users will be able to create, refine and assess strategies. In particular, they will be equipped to develop proposals that:

  • Are based on a realistic vision of the market, now and in the future
  • Demonstrate real understanding of customers and how to create value for them
  • Take full account of competitors
  • Provide realistic goals
  • Define the core skills and resources required to achieve the strategy and a path for their development
  • Identify and value strategic options

Imparta brings strategy to life – without the real-life risks.

To ensure that Strategy CoPilot® achieves real impact across your organisation, the programme has been designed in collaboration with strategy experts from leading business schools and business managers from a consortium of FT-SE 100 companies.

The design of the training reflects our belief that people build skills through experience and through their successes and failures.  But gaining experience in real situations takes a great deal of time and failure on the job is expensive.

Strategy CoPilot® engages the user with:

  • A simulated ‘business world’ experience – advanced interactive multimedia creates a realistic business setting, giving users an accelerated experience of strategic decision-making.  As in real life the user has to decide who to talk to, what data to collect, and what analysis to do – and live by the consequences of their resultant decisions.
  • Artificially intelligent coaching to guide and help users.
  • An extensive tutorial to explain key concepts, and provide the tools and processes, which help the user tackle strategic issues effectively and provide first-class materials for JIT review.
  • Application exercises that help the manager relate the learning back to their own work environment and the challenges they face.
  • Detailed feedback on performance that helps improve skills as they progress.

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