Training as a Service

Taas Training as a Service

Blended training contracts are complex, expensive and restrictive. It’s time for a new approach.

Training as a Service (TaaS) is designed to give you instructor-led training in a way that fits with the way you work. A single fee per user (payable monthly, quarterly or annually) gives you access to content in both workshop and eLearning formats, plus the resources to deliver it. Every TaaS package includes a range of benefits:

  • A package of trainer/consultant days to suit your needs, from self-service to a full global Academy
  • The ability to reuse and modify content for use with active subscribers
  • Up to 10% extra users in a given year so you don’t have to request extra budget
  • Use of your own digital platform, or one selected from three leading options to meet your needs
  • Change support such as communication & manager-led scene-setter templates
  • Competency framework and measurement suite
  • Customer success team support

Simple, scalable, predictable, flexible and affordable.

Three packages are available:


  • Self-service training, reinforcement & application, using digital learning and/or your own trainers.
  • Covers core sales, opportunity management, negotiation, and coaching.
  • Includes delivery days for train-the-trainer or deal coaching.


  • Address major areas of sales performance with extended access to skill modules.
  • Includes delivery by our expert trainers, with digital reinforcement and additional days for deal coaching and consulting with a dedicated Principal Consultant.
  • Includes contextualization to your business and support for – and training in – our powerful 3D Advantage Change Process.


  • Create or enhance an ongoing Sales Excellence program or Academy, with access to the full 3D Advantage Curriculum.
  • Includes ample training, reinforcement, coaching, deal clinics, and consulting to support your change program.
  • Includes extensive contextualization to your business, and support for – and training in – our powerful 3D Advantage Change Process, plus a range of additional benefits.