Hospitality & Retail

Hospitality and Retail

‘Can I help you, or are you just looking?’

Our clients in hospitality and retail – and the CPG clients that use those channels – understand that the customer conversation is a critical opportunity, influencing the likelihood of purchase, repeat business, and customer loyalty. That conversation needs to be brilliant. But how do you train, engage, and motivate thousands of shop floor staff when the logistical and cost challenges of taking them away from the stores are so considerable?

Imparta helps our clients overcome these challenges with a proven approach and framework for developing sales skills in service environments. We use scalable learning technologies to support the training solutions and work with leaders, managers, and trainers to make sure that the learning sticks.

Some of Imparta’s Hospitality and Retail Clients:

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Industry issues & how we can help…

Shifting the Culture to Sales-through-Service

We work closely with our clients to identify ‘what good looks like’, create a blueprint for success, and take a multi-faceted approach to cultural change. This often includes a network of manager champions to help drive the change.

Optimizing the Customer Experience

We help teams to understand the three dimensions of superb customer experience (3DCX): Insight, Influence, and Trust. We build the skills to deliver brilliant customer conversations, which are tailored to different types of buyers at different stages of their buying journey.

Limited Time for Training; Dispersed Teams

We offer solutions that are easy to deliver during the working day: bite-sized, delivered by managers and accessible technology, and focused on learning plans that treat individuals as individuals.

Employee Turnover

We help to reduce sales and service staff turnover by improving induction and in-role satisfaction, starting with rapid and effective onboarding programs for new staff.

The UK Retail Academy was a success because it created a development culture delivered straight to our retail stores and an unprecedented desire to learn amongst the in-store population.

Head of Sales and Service Academy, UK Retailer with 450 stores and 4,500 retail staff

Working with one of the UK’s best-loved hospitality brands, Imparta helped achieve customer service excellence in their most critical client-facing area – their front-of-house staff. For these teams, we developed a comprehensive induction program to develop their conversation and customer service skills. The skills covered each customer touchpoint, with particular emphasis on enhancing customer experience at their key ‘moments of truth’: the interactions that most influence the customer’s perception of their guest experience.

This project won the Customer Experience of the Year Award for the sector in the UK Customer Experience Awards.