Sales & Service Roles

Sales & Service Roles

Recognize differences, but drive consistency. Each role in the sale process has its own unique needs, but optimizing revenue, margin, and customer experience requires consistency as well.

Imparta’s modular curriculum and customizable design allows role-specific programs to be constructed with ease, while ensuring that the whole team is equipped with the same core skills and customer-centric philosophy.

Complex Sales

The Creating Client Value (3DCCV) program is an advanced program that brings the power of our 3D approach to complex sales with medium-to-long cycles. It is designed to be customized to your business and works well with other courses such as Negotiation, Business Acumen (selling to the C-Suite), and Commercial Acumen.

Inside Sales

Salespeople with many accounts have different needs from those working on a small number of complex sales. For example, account prioritization is more important, and stakeholder groups tend to be smaller. Our Core Sales Skills and 3DCCV programs both include module variants that are specifically designed for this environment.

Channel Managers

Channel managers need to sell in, through, and with the channel, with a deep understanding of their business models. Our 3DCCV, Account Extension, and Business Acumen programs include module variants that are specifically designed for a channel environment.

Account Managers/KAMs

The 3D Advantage Curriculum supports Account Managers, KAMs, and GAMs, whichever part of the buying cycle they are working on: pursuing new opportunities, driving adoption and renewal, or increasing share of wallet. You can combine modules from different courses to create the perfect program for your current challenges.

New Hires

Our Curriculum lets you create powerful onboarding programs. Speed up productivity by combining essential sales skills with specific modules selected for each role. Encourage manager engagement through the digital platform, and drive ongoing skill development through assessments and the full sales curriculum.

Retail Sales

In many consumer environments, the emphasis is on building service skills. But many of the most successful organizations also equip their customer facing teams to sell, upsell and defend revenue. We offer a version of our Core Sales Skills program that is specifically designed for the sales-through-service environment.

Service & Contact Centre Staff

Our Customer Experience (3DCX) model is based on insights gained from listening to, and analyzing, thousands of customer interactions. Our 3DCX program is available in B2B and B2C versions, and we also offer modules covering complaint handling and collections.


If marketing staff understand the sales process, they can develop propositions, collateral, and product training that directly support the sales effort. Our sales, Renewals, and account extension programs are designed to be delivered to marketing as well as sales audiences.

Technical Support

Support staff such as sales engineers and technical support play a critical role in helping to win, defend, and grow accounts as part of the extended sales team. By combining modules from across the curriculum, we can offer the perfect program, customized for each support role.

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