Global reach

Global Delivery and Implementation

Global organizations present a unique challenge for sales training. Imparta has more than 150 trainers delivering in 60 countries, and is an organization designed to manage local change within a global framework.

There is clear value in a consistent approach to selling, and developing strategic accounts. Yet each country will be at different stages in its market development, with different skill gaps and priorities, and its own set of stakeholders.

At Imparta, we embrace these consistency challenges and complexities. We have the people, capabilities, and processes to design centrally, but deliver the change process locally.

For example, our Principal Consultants designed and implemented a customer-centric sales curriculum for a major European packaging business (in 25 countries and in 17 languages) with strong local buy-in. Our Master Trainers ensured the quality of delivery, and our in-house translation team delivered accurate localized materials at competitive rates.