3D Prospecting™

Does your team have the skill and rigour to hit quota?​

Successful salespeople don’t just rely on marketing leads; they take direct responsibility for active lead generation. Yet, most salespeople don’t allocate enough time to prospecting, or demonstrate the skills to ‘cut through’ with prospects who receive many inbound messages every day.

3D Prospecting™ will equip your sales team with the techniques and discipline they need to keep your pipeline healthy.

The program provides in-depth, digitally-aware skills to help drive your teams’ prospecting – and, just as importantly, to gain their commitment to doing it. They will build skills in defining target organizations (where this is not done for them), inbound and outbound lead generation, and leveraging social, digital, and behavioral sales skills to connect and engage with the right prospects.

3D Prospecting™ is based on more than 20 years of quantitative, qualitative, and field-based sales research. It forms part of Imparta’s modular 3D Sales Curriculum, which helps sales professionals to create, differentiate, protect, capture, deliver and expand value around the whole customer Buying Cycle.

Unlike many similar courses, this is a highly practical program, with attendees contacting referees and new and existing contacts in real-time during the workshop. Combined with a comprehensive set of tools and reinforcement techniques, this approach develops lasting skills within Imparta’s continuous improvement ecosystem.


Course Overview

Key training topics include:

  • The who, what, when, where, why and how of the 3D prospecting process.
  • Defining target profiles of ideal customers, finding prospects and decision-makers, and developing strategies to reach them (cold calling, email templates, referrals, and other connection/engagement techniques).
  • Leveraging social, digital and behavioural skills in inbound and outbound lead generation.
  • Building presence where your targets are, with a special dive into digital environments.
  • Prospect buyer mapping and management: the science of account entry and how to work your way into validating hypothesis and identifying problem owners.


Imparta’s prospecting program has been shown to:

  • Increase the number of qualified leads.​
  • Enhance individual performance and quota attainment. ​
  • Improve target responsiveness and conversion rates. ​
  • Improve sales cycle time and win rates by identifying genuine opportunities.

Practical Prospecting Process

Imparta’s comprehensive, practical prospecting process delivers results. The animation below explains the seven stages of this process that are covered in this course.

Who is it For?

This program is suitable for new business salespeople and account managers at any level of tenure, along with their managers.

For very junior or transactional salespeople, our Core Sales Skills program also covers the conversational skills involved in outbound sales calls in a more foundational way.

For salespeople who regularly sell to very senior executives, including CxOs, we recommend our Business Acumen & Selling to the C-Suite program.

Multiple formats

Formats and Duration

The program is part of Imparta’s modular curriculum. 

It is available as:​

  • eLearning (full modules, plus individual assets that can be embedded into playbooks).​
  • A 1-day instructor-led face-to-face workshop.​
  • 2 four-hour virtual instructor-led sessions.​
  • Flipped learning where the classroom is used to focus on application.​
  • Modules that can be combined with other courses.​

The program also includes competency definitions, application tools, measurement, and reinforcement tools including nudge questions and manager coaching guides to make the new skills stick.

Application Tools

Application tools (Canvases) are available in print, editable PDF, and Excel versions. They are also available as native Salesforce tools and as standalone tools within our platform.

The Canvases help attendees to embed their new skills, and to apply them to plan and execute effective lead generation activities.

Explore the modules


Defining Target Profiles

Impact: Number of Leads

Define the type of individual you would like to connect with through your prospecting activity, using the five Ws of targeting (Who, Where, When, What and Why).


Inbound Prospecting

Impact: Number of Leads

Identify where your targets tend to spend time, both online and in real life, and build an effective individual presence there. Extend that presence by creating and sharing the right type of content, in a timely and efficient way.


Outbound Prospecting

Impact: Number of Leads

Find specific individuals who meet your target profile, and referrers who can connect you. Connect with them using Insight, Influence and Trust to shape a compelling initial approach. Leverage value-adding content to engage with them before seeking a more detailed discussion.


Selling the Meeting

Impact: Number of Leads

Sell the value of a more in-depth discussion with a Centre of Receptivity, to explore possible ways you could add value to their organisation. Leverage Insight, Influence and Trust to make sure that the perceived benefits of a discussion outweigh the costs.


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