Empowering Customer Decisions


Empowering Customer Decisions (ECD)

Emotionally connecting with the customer to influence decision-making.

For those in a service, helpdesk, or customer-facing role, being able to understand your customer’s emotional state and influence your customers to agree to the solution or next steps is imperative to move the situation forward.

The Empowering Customer Decision program helps participants to understand their personal impact on customers and be able to adapt accordingly. They will explore Emotional Activators, the creation of Peak Moments, and be able to evaluate the impact this has on your customer and their perception of the experience they are receiving.

Participants will learn how to put themselves in the shoes of your customers to understand their needs and the emotions that drive them. The program will also focus on using proven techniques to influence the customer’s buying decision (i.e. bandwagoning, framing, loss aversion, etc.). It can demonstrate how to use the techniques with the different customer types.

This modular course is based on more than 20 years of quantitative, qualitative, and field-based CX research. It forms part of Imparta’s 3D CX Curriculum, which helps CX and Service professionals to deliver a differentiated customer experience.

This highly interactive program develops lasting skills and CX techniques through a comprehensive set of simulated activities, application, and real-life exercises, tools, and reinforcement techniques within Imparta’s continuous improvement ecosystem.


Course Overview

Key training topics include:

  • Identify how to recognise emotion in yourself and others and the ability to use this awareness to put your customer first.
  • Be able to use the right Emotional Activator at the right time to create Peak moments for each customer.
  • Understand the concept of Emotional Intelligence and recognise positive and negative behaviours.
  • Understand how self-awareness and control affect your work.
  • Know some tangible ways to improve your control of Emotional Intelligence and apply them when interacting with customers.
  • Use a consultative approach to understand the customer’s future goals.
  • Explore human behaviour to identify techniques to enhance the customer experience.
  • Know a variety of behavioral techniques which can influence customer decision-making and be able to use them at the right time in the right situation.


The Empowering Customer Decisions™ training program will help to deliver impact to customer conversations, enhance NPS/CSAT results, and drive loyalty.

It will help you focus on key metrics that include:

  • NPS
  • CSAT
  • Customer Effort
  • Productivity & Efficiency
  • Loyalty and customer retainment

Secondary benefits include:

  • A shift in mindset to a more customer-centric conversational approach.
  • Employees who are engaged and driven to excel in the way they communicate with customers.

Creating an Emotional Experience

This is an example concept from the Empowering Customer Decisions program, which can be delivered in eLearning and instructor-led formats.

who is the account management programme for

Who Is It For?

This program is suitable for those who deliver service interactions to B2B or B2C customers who need to differentiate the conversations to create a positive customer experience and resolve customer issues & challenges in a structured customer-centric approach.

The course is designed for both inbound and outbound service roles, helpdesk, and any customer-facing role.

Multiple formats

Formats and Duration

The program is part of Imparta’s CX modular curriculum.

It is available as:

  • eLearning (full modules, plus individual assets that can be embedded into playbooks).
  • A 2-day instructor-led face-to-face workshop.
  • 4 four-hour virtual instructor-led sessions.
  • Flipped learning where the classroom is used to focus on application.
  • Modules that can be combined with other courses.

The program also includes competency definitions, application tools, measurement and reinforcement tools, including nudge questions and manager coaching guides to make the new skills stick.

application tools for account management

Application Tools

Application tools (Canvases) are available in print, editable PDF, and Excel versions.

The Canvases help attendees to embed their new skills, and to apply them to delivering a differentiated service experience to improve NPS, CSAT, and customer loyalty.

Explore the modules


Unlocking Account Potential

Impact: All

Understand what an account strategy is, and how it can be mapped onto the Plan/Do/Review cycle to drive world-class Account Management for both large and small accounts, as well as channel partners. Focus on questions and insight rather than data collection and process.


Mapping the Account

Impact: Share of Wallet; Number of Leads

Create a living strategic map of the account, mapping out the different Buying Centres to understand the business they are currently doing with your company, what they think of you, and where any opportunities and threats might lie. Use this to decide what approach you will take with each Buying Centre.


How to Compete: Partnership

Impact: All

Assess the overall level of partnership within this account, based on the investment being made by the customer and you as the supplier. Correct any misalignment, including taking actions to increase the level of partnership if appropriate.


How to Compete: Performance

Impact: Share of Wallet; Win Rate; Renewal Rate

Understand how customers assess your company’s performance, including the key elements of customer health. Use the Health Map to identify the customer’s perception of how well things are going in each area of the Account Gameboard, and create strategies to improve both the perception and the reality.


How to Compete: Profitability

Impact: Margin

Be able to estimate a Profit & Loss (or Income) Statement for a specific account. Understand the most common problems that affect account profitability, and be able to use logic and creativity to improve account profitability.


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