Creating Client Value

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3D Creating Client Value™

Unlock the secrets to customer-centric selling.

Your best salespeople don’t follow your sales process, or indeed anyone else’s. They are customer-centric, acting as trusted advisors and guiding customers through their individual Buying Cycle. 

3D Creating Client Value (3DCCV) is a definitive opportunity management program that equips your salespeople with the strategies, skills, and conversational techniques to guide customers through the Need, Choose, and Worry stages of the Buying Cycle. CCV is based on more than 20 years of quantitative, qualitative, and field-based sales research, and forms a core part of Imparta’s 3D Advantage® Curriculum.

In 3DCCV, teams learn how to bring agile, game-changing insights to their customers, stimulating demand by understanding their objectives, the barriers to achieving them, the capabilities that can help, and the decision process they will need to follow. They learn and apply sophisticated influencing techniques, from using social proof to connect with prospects online, to building momentum through loss aversion, to managing customer decision criteria and improving stakeholder alignment.

Critically, they also develop the ability to build trust with their customers and clients, gaining access to key stakeholders as they guide them through the Buying Cycle.

This highly interactive program develops lasting skills through a comprehensive set of simulated activities, application, and real-life exercises, tools, and reinforcement techniques within Imparta’s continuous improvement ecosystem.


Course Overview

Key training topics include:

  • The 3D Advantage® (Insight, Influence and Trust) and 3D Mindset (Responsibility, Resilience and Rigour).
  • Leveraging social, digital, and behavioral skills to connect and engage with prospects in existing accounts as well as new targets.
  • Stimulating demand by bringing insight to a customer’s objectives, the barriers to achieving them, and possible solutions.
  • Building momentum through Loss Aversion and other techniques from psychology and Behavioural Economics.
  • Quantifying the potential value of a solution and gaining commitment to act.
  • Creating pitch strategies that reflect and manage customer perceptions around their selection criteria.
  • The structure and practical elements of a Perfect Pitch.
  • Active stakeholder management, including strategies for influencing Champions, Nemeses, Supporters and Opponents.
  • Risk identification and alleviation at four levels: strategic, tactical, political and individual.


The Creating Client Value™ methodology has been shown to increase:

  • Pipeline health and lead generation.
  • Conversion rates from discussion to opportunity.
  • Deal velocity.
  • Win rates vs. the competition.
  • Win rates vs. do nothing.
  • Average deal size and length.
  • Quota attainment.
  • Revenue and profit from new accounts and across the existing customer base (share of wallet, up-selling, cross-selling).

The Buying Cycle

At its heart, Creating Client Value is a customer-centric approach to consultative selling. Salespeople are taught to adapt their objectives, tactics and strategies in an agile way at each stage of the customer journey. This journey is what we call the Buying Cycle. Watch the animation below for more insight.

Who is it For?

This program has been designed for salespeople, account managers, and sales managers (at all levels of seniority) who have a role in creating, managing, or coaching sales opportunities.

It is generally more suitable for those in a more consultative and/or complex sale (our Core Selling Skills program is fully compatible and more suitable for those in transactional selling).

3DCCV is also applicable to any professional who would benefit from a better understanding of the buying and selling process, e.g., those in Customer Success, Technical Sales, Marketing (to facilitate better sales/marketing alignment and integration), and even Learning & Development.

Multiple formats

Formats and Duration

The program is part of Imparta’s modular curriculum.

It is available as:

  • eLearning (full modules, plus individual assets that can be embedded into playbooks).
  • A 2 ½ day instructor-led face-to-face workshop.
  • 5 four-hour virtual instructor-led sessions.
  • Flipped learning where the classroom is used to focus on application.
  • Modules that can be combined with other courses.

The program also includes competency definitions, application tools, measurement, and reinforcement tools including nudge questions and manager coaching guides to make the new skills stick.

Application Tools

Application tools (Canvases) are available in print, editable PDF, and Excel versions. They are also available as native Salesforce tools and standalone tools within our platform.

The Canvases help attendees to embed their new skills, and to apply them to winning business and improving account profitability.

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Impact: Number of Leads; Average Deal Size

Explore the customer’s objectives (their KPIs, the challenges they must overcome, and their wider goals). Map your capabilities onto these objectives in order to identify potential opportunities.

3D Creating Client Value
3D Creating Client Value

Prospecting and
Account Entry

Impact: Number of Leads; Conversion Rate

Take a strategic approach to account entry and development. Use social, digital and behavioural skills to find, connect with and engage Centres of Receptivity within target companies.

3D Creating Client Value
3D Creating Client Value


Impact: Conversion Rate; Average Deal Size

Create explicit needs by validating customer objectives, uncovering any barriers to achieving those objectves and the root causes of those barriers, and identifying which of your capabilities could address them.

3D Creating Client Value
3D Creating Client Value


Impact: Sales Cycle Time

Use focused Pain and Gain questions to shed light on the impact of not acting, and influence urgency through loss aversion and contrast bias. Build trust through intimacy with the business and help to overcome barriers to change.

3D Creating Client Value
3D Creating Client Value


Impact: Conversion Rate; Sales Cycle Time

Create a compelling Value Proposal to quantify the potential impact of your solution, expressed in the customer’s own terms. (Consider Strategic, Tactical, Political and Individual value.)

3D Creating Client Value
3D Creating Client Value

and Reframing

Impact: Win Rate; Average Deal Size

Qualify and prioritize potential opportunities based on attractiveness and achievability. Where appropriate, reframe the decision back to the Need stage of the Buying Cycle to improve outcomes for you and the customer.

3D Creating Client Value
3D Creating Client Value

Creating a
Pitch Strategy

Impact: Win Rate

Bring insight into the customer’s decision criteria. Understand how they perceive your solution against each criterion, relative to the competing alternatives. Develop strategies to improve both perception.

3D Creating Client Value
3D Creating Client Value

Delivering the
Perfect Pitch

Impact: Win Rate

Combine deep insights with behavioural science and your pitch strategy, together with brilliant execution, to structure and deliver the perfect pitch.

3D Creating Client Value
3D Creating Client Value


Impact: Win Rate

Map key customer stakeholders in terms of influence and alignment. Develop strategies to improve the political support for your solution.

3D Creating Client Value
3D Creating Client Value


Impact: Cycle Time; Win Rate

Anticipate, uncover and alleviate risks at four levels: Strategic, Tactical, Political, and Individual. Recognise what objections may mean at different stages of the Buying Cycle.

3D Creating Client Value
3D Creating Client Value

I used Risk Alleviation strategies the day after the course. Not only did we secure the contract, the client actually said, ‘Thank you, that part of the meeting really added value for me.

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