Unlock Stalled Deals

Unlock Stalled Deals

Business-Critical Intervention

What does it cover?

Imparta’s unlock stalled deals intervention is designed to help salespeople deal with one of the most common issues: deals that were on track suddenly stalling or being pushed back many months. It focuses on the application of Behavioral Economics and Decision Strategy to influence customer behaviour, and draws on three modules from Imparta’s award-winning 3D curriculum:



Impact: Sales Cycle Time

Use focused Pain and Gain questions to shed light on the impact of not acting, and influence urgency through loss aversion and contrast bias. Build trust through intimacy with the business and help to overcome barriers to change.


Alleviating Risks

Impact: Cycle Time; Win Rate

Anticipate, uncover and alleviate risks at four levels: Strategic, Tactical, Political, and Individual. Recognise what objections may means at different stages of the Buying Cycle.



Impact: Win Rate

Map key customer stakeholders in terms of influence and alignment. Develop strategies to improve the political support for your solution.