Defend Value vs. Procurement

Defend Value vs. Procurement

Business-Critical Intervention

What does it cover?

This Business-Critical Intervention is designed to help salespeople defend value during sales negotiations. Procurement teams have conflicting objectives at the moment – for example, supply chain continuity is often a key issue. However, they are also using a full set of positional techniques in order to reduce costs to the absolute minimum. This intervention draws on three modules from our award-winning 3D Negotiating Client Value programme to equip salespeople with the skills they need to deal with ten common Procurement tactics, from time pressure to ‘best of best’ pricing.


Identifying and
Improving BATNA

Impact: Margin and Contract Size

Identify and improve your Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA) in both perception and reality. Defend your BATNA against procurement tactics. Understand the customer’s BATNA (using the Kraljic Matrix) and influence their perception while retaining trust.


Profiling your

Impact: Margin

Identify and validate your negotiation counterparts. Know your own preferred negotiation style and profile that of your counterparts. Know the best strategies to use to achieve your goals with each main type of counterpart.


Defending Value

Impact: Margin & Cash Profile

Defend against a wide range of tricks used by aggressive or well-trained negotiators, maintaining composure and focusing on what is known, rather than on the fear of the unknown. Reinforce value insights, manage stakeholders and protect trust.