Buying decisions are complex, and sales challenges are constantly evolving.

Make sense of the customer journey, identify the sales activities that matter, and unlock the potential of your sales team with Imparta’s AI-enhanced agile ecosystem.   

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Agile Sales Methodology

Linear sales processes don’t work, and many salespeople are one-dimensional.

Equip salespeople to assess each situation, choose the right strategy, and execute consistently.

Make sense of the complex, nonlinear buying journey

Choose the right sales strategy for each situation

Execute skillfully, balancing Insight, Influence and Trust

Agile Sales Enablement

Salespeople resist change, and business priorities evolve.

Embed training in a change process that delivers continuous improvement and adapts to new challenges.

Sales-aware AI & Technology

Sales technology too often gets in the way, and vanilla AI is bad at sales.

Supercharge sales performance with on-demand access to the world’s first expert Sales AI coach, fluent in all aspects of sales, sales management and leadership, and powered by Imparta’s complete, award-winning, research-based curriculum. 

i-Coach helped me to figure out a complex sales issue on a live account. It was incredibly insightful and far beyond what I could do with ChatGPT
Sales Leader

It’s in another league compared to ChatGPT and Copilot!
Marketing Manager

This is the magic bullet for AI in sales

This is really, really impressive

I am extremely interested in what you are doing
Senior Learning Leader

Account Manager

Programmes covering the whole Buying Cycle


The 28 skills for sales teams that drive revenue growth and retention, from sales prospecting to pitching, and negotiation.


A full suite of programmes to hone the skills of your sales leaders and managers, from strategy through to coaching and performance management.


A set of skills for more senior customer service staff in B2C settings, or more transactional B2B salespeople.

A sample of the many clients who trust us

Significant performance impact

Xylem partnered with Imparta to design and roll out a Sales Academy Programme to over 500 members of their US and European sales team. We have recorded over £12M return on our investment and continue to work with Imparta to expand skills across our service community, as well as extending the sales training programme for new starters who join our growing sales force.

We have worked with Imparta not only to deliver a brilliant and effective training programme, but also with our sales enablement teams to reinforce and drive adoption of new skills by integrating access to digital learning, and training materials through our CRM platforms. This helps to ensure our sales force we well equipped to help reach our ambitious business objectives towards growth and digital transformation over the years to come

Anne-Fleur Wanders, HR Director, NL-Lux & HR Project Leaders Europe at Xylem



Learn a simple yet powerful framework for ensuring field execution is aligned to organisational goals.


Learn how the highest performing sellers embrace situational agility to win more sales.


Examine a simple yet powerful framework for coaching the right things, in the right way, at the right time to drive more of your sellers to quota.

Future-Proof Your Sales Training with Situational and Organisational Agility

Business Acumen and Selling to the C-Suite - Critical skills for senior salespeople

Imparta acquires VantagePoint Performance

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