3D Sales Curriculum

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3D Sales Training Curriculum

Our Training as a Service™ model gives you access to the full, award-winning 3D Advantage® Sales Training Curriculum: a complete, modular methodology covering the entire customer Buying Cycle. There are courses at three levels:

Research-based Sales Methodology

Imparta’s 3D methodology is at the leading edge of modern selling, based on more than 20 years of sales research and experience working with global sales teams. Our modular sales curriculum drives your key metrics around the whole customer buying cycle, and is tailored to a variety of sales and service roles.


Our sales curriculum is designed to be contextualised to your specific business and challenges. Our learning designers and subject matter experts can also create fully customised programmes if required.

Flexible Pricing

We offer a range of pricing models, from pay-as-you-go workshops and eLearning to enterprise licences for full Sales and Service Academies. We also offer our unique Training as a Service (TaaS) model – a simple annual fee per person that includes our full sales curriculum and a package of setup, consulting and training days. Allowing you to deliver results, instead of worrying about your budget.

Global Reach

Imparta has over 150 trainers and associate trainers around the world, and has the people, capabilities and processes to design centrally, but deliver the change process locally.

Making it Stick

Getting salespeople to adopt new skills is a journey, not an event, and many organisations (and sales training companies) do it badly. Imparta’s 3D Advantage Change Process delivers results, not just events. Ask about attending one of our 3D Advantage Change Process training sessions.


Imparta has been a technology pioneer for more than 20 years. Our own platform, the Virtual Sales Academy is a powerful Academy Management System, but our content can also be hosted in your LMS and CRM. We also work with a number of technology partners and can help you to select and integrate the best platform for your needs.

Measured, Sustainable Results

We are entirely committed to meeting our client’s business objectives – in a sophisticated and efficient way. Every client has a dedicated Client Service Team, including development, delivery, project management and logistical expertise.

The Personal Touch

Not all sales training partners are equal. We live and breathe our client’s success, and each client has a Client Director, a Principal Consultant supported by a Client Success team, and a Project Manager. We are one of the most trusted vendors in our space for a reason.

Trainer Quality

We have a global bench of the highest quality trainers – practitioners with a flair for facilitating the learning process. We monitor quality on an ongoing basis, and our Trainer Immersion sessions ensure they are up to speed with your business and challenges. We also offer Train the Trainer services so that your experts can run our sales programmes.

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