What is the 3D Advantage®?

What is the 3D Advantage®?

The 3D Advantage is based on more than 20 years of sales research and experience with global sales teams. It builds skills across the three dimensions that are necessary for successful selling: Insight, Influence and Trust. Richard Barkey, Imparta’s founder and CEO, explains why it’s so important to sell in 3D during this crisis.



The degree to which salespeople create value through disruptive, specific insights into a customer’s needs, solutions and decision process.


How well salespeople achieve desired outcomes within the account, through the ethical use of behavioural science, psychology, and strategy.


The extent to which salespeople demonstrate their value to a customer, and their focus on the customer’s success, in order to gain access to conversations where they can deliver insight and influence.

3D salespeople outmanoeuvre one-dimensional ones:

Insight on its own is not enough to create value and grow revenue. You also need to be able to influence customers through strategy and behavioural economics, and gain access by building trust. There’s no value in being an ‘Insightful Outsider’.

At the same time, sales approaches that focus too much on influencing strategies are vulnerable to game-changing insights. Many conversational tactics can destroy trust. No one likes a ‘Pushy Salesperson’.

Finally, trust on its own achieves little, is your company full of ‘Friendly Helpers’, who make customers happy but do little to defend or grow revenue.

Where does your sales team sit on these dimensions?

Drive Business Metrics

3D selling helps you create, differentiate, protect, capture, deliver, defend, and expand customer value all around the Customer Buying Cycle.

It maps directly to the most critical revenue and margin metrics in your business. Unlocking growth and creating sustainable competitive advantage.

Join the 3D revolution!

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