Train & Gain Commitment

Train & Gain Commitment

Research shows that adults learn best from a combination of experience, reflection and experimentation ideally with a good measure of coaching to help the process along.

Train & gain commitment – Imparta’s learning uses highly interactive experiences that combine simulations, exercises, role-plays, and application to real life.

Training is available in face-to-face, manager-led, or eLearning formats. Our digital solutions can be run on your own LMS, Imparta’s Virtual Sales Academy® platform, or one of our partner platforms, selected to meet your exact needs.

All Imparta’s classroom training and eLearning follow David Kolb’s experiential learning cycle, which describes how adults learn skills.

train & gain commitment - experiential learning

Experiential Learning

  • Design inspired by Kolb’s Learning Cycle, which suggests adults learn best from a combination of experience, reflection, theory and experimentation
  • Examples, exercises, role plays and case studies all built around real clients for ease of transference
  • Optional table coaches add content and drive application and learning across multiple organisational levels
Train & Gain Commitment - flexible approach

Flexible Approach

  • Classroom based experiential workshops
  • Digital experiential learning
  • Virtual classroom for distributed teams
  • Gamification to engage and focus learning
  • Leader engagement to support embedding, coaching, and adoption

Our eLearning modules leverage advanced simulation technology to build real skills.
They can be used for reinforcement as well as stand-alone learning.

Imparta Brings

  • Robust training methodology that drives a rigourous learning experience
  • Delivery options that include face to face (F2F), Digital & Virtual
  • Highly skilled, multilingual and global faculty
  • The expertise to help you choose the best platform for your needs