Change Process

Change Process

Getting salespeople to adopt new skills is hard, and many organisations (indeed many sales training companies) do it badly. To succeed, sales leaders, enablement professionals and L&D teams need to think of salespeople as their customers.

At Imparta, we’ve had more than 20 years of experience embedding skills in some of the largest, most successful sales organisations in the world.

It turns out that the three dimensions of insight, influence and trust are just as critical when training salespeople as they are when selling. Perhaps that’s not surprising. Ethical selling is, in reality, a training and coaching process, and behaviour change is, at its heart, a selling process.

The change journey mirrors the customer buying cycle precisely. Each stage is designed to provide insight, influence behaviour change, and build trust with the sales team and the wider organisation.

How the 3D Advantage applies to sales performance improvement

Change Process - insight


Insight helps your salespeople understand their strengths and weaknesses, the behaviour of your customers, how your products and services are bought, and the sales strategies and techniques that work.

Change Process - influence


Influence is how you get salespeople to change their behaviour, using psychology and behavioural economics to move them through the change process from awareness of the need to urgency, learning, adoption, success, and beyond.

Change Process - trust


Trust is what you need to deliver the other two. Trust that this is a better way of selling. Trust that it’s safe to learn and that you have their interests at heart. Trust that this isn’t ‘just another initiative’ that will go away next year.

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