Mastering Virtual Presence


Mastering Virtual Presence

Can your teams deliver insight, influence and trust in a virtual environment?

Video conferencing and other forms of virtual presence are now an integral part of selling, improving efficiency as well as posing new challenges. Selling in the virtual environment requires a specific set of skills, from setting up the camera, background, and lighting, to engaging attendees and influencing customers online.

Imparta’s Mastering Virtual Presence programme is designed to equip your teams with an understanding of the technology, science and psychology behind effective virtual engagement. Whether your team members are virtually pitching, uncovering new needs, alleviating risks, or dealing with a service issue, this programme will help them captivate clients and customers, delivering value to them and to your own business.

This course draws on Imparta’s industry-leading 3D sales curriculum, and our expertise in the application of psychology and Behavioural Economics to customer-facing activities.

Mastering Virtual Presence is a highly interactive programme that develops lasting skills through a comprehensive set of application and real-life exercises, tools and reinforcement techniques within Imparta’s continuous improvement ecosystem.


Course Overview

Key training topics include:​

  • Mastering the tools for effective virtual selling (platforms, equipment, background & lighting, environment,  and your own voice and body language).
  • How to reduce video-conference fatigue and inspire performance in a virtual setting.
  • Developing a mindset that will support the challenges of virtual selling.
  • The science of virtual engagement: asking insightful questions, listening actively, body language and eye contact, building rapport, using imagery in virtual presentations, and creating interactivity.
  • The psychology of virtual influence: Using Behavioural Economics and other tools to influence customer behaviour in a virtual environment.


The Mastering Virtual Presence programme is designed to:

  • Support all stages of the sales process, from lead generation and pipeline management, to opportunity management, negotiation, account management and customer success/renewals.
  • Reduce operating costs on travel expenses.

Secondary benefits include better work relationships and employee engagement for remote teams.

How to Create Engaging Content

One of the key skills in virtual engagement involves the content of any communication: the use of visuals, how you control the focus of the meeting, and the interactive activities you build in. This sample video from the eLearning version of this course explains more.

mastering virtual presence who is it for

Who is it For?

This Mastering Virtual Presence programme is designed any sales or service professional who interacts with clients in a virtual setting and wants to extend their physical presence into the virtual space.

It is also suitable for managers and leaders who work with virtual or hybrid teams.

Multiple formats

Formats and Duration

The programme is part of Imparta’s modular curriculum.

It is available as:

  • eLearning (full modules, plus individual assets that can be embedded into playbooks).
  • A four-hour virtual instructor-led session.
  • Modules that can be combined with other courses.

The programme also includes competency definitions, application tools, measurement, and reinforcement tools including nudge questions and manager coaching guides to make the new skills stick.

mastering virtual presence

Application Tools

Application tools (Canvases) are available in print, editable PDF and Excel versions. They are also available as native Salesforce tools and as standalone tools within our platform.

The Canvases help attendees to embed their new skills, and to apply them to identifying, defining, and solving new customer needs.

mastering virtual presence canvases

Explore the modules


Mastering the tools

Inspire performance through a strong virtual presence. Set up the optimal equipment and environment around you. Master the use of the most important tools of all: your voice and body.


The Virtual Mindset

Develop the three elements of a successful virtual mindset: Responsibility, Resilience and Rigour. Control and influence your own mindset and behavior to perform effectively in a virtual setting.


The Science of Virtual Engagement

Create value and maintain engagement in virtual settings through a dynamic approach to virtual interactions. Ask insightful questions and listen actively; build rapport in a virtual medium; use visuals to communicate and focus attention; and use different forms of interactivity to optimise outcomes.


The Psychology of Virtual Influence

Influence outcomes in a virtual selling context. Help the customer to move from one stage of the Buying Cycle to the next using techniques such as Loss Aversion, Contrast Bias, Single Option Aversion and the use of stories. Apply these techniques to create Perfect Pitches that win deals virtually.


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