Define Your Need

Define Your Need

All good story writers begin with the end point in mind.

Creating your own success story starts with defining the business objectives you’re aiming to achieve, understanding the skill gaps that are preventing you from meeting them, and building urgency and alignment across your stakeholders.

Where this involves multiple sales teams, channels and regions, it can be important to define the specific challenges in each, to clarify the areas of need that are consistent across the organisation, and those where localisation will be necessary.

define - definition workshop

Definition Workshop

(Attended by sales & other stakeholders)

  • Quantify business objectives (leading and lagging indicators)
  • Select which skills, by role, will drive these outcomes
  • Identify approximate current and target levels for each skill
  • Identify other changes required (e.g. values; environment)
  • Confirm urgency, timeframes, budget and governance
define - optional gap assessment

Optional Gap Assessment

  • This is useful if no consensus exists yet, or where a more formal approach is needed
  • 180 or 360 degree assessments give accuracy at a low cost, but other more detailed forms of assessment are also available
  • Optional psychometrics for further insight and individualisation

Imparta Brings

  • Rigorous process control and expert facilitators
  • A robust skill and behaviour framework, linked to your KPIs
  • Insight into appropriate performance levels (and diminishing returns)
  • Multi-rater skill assessments, field observation and assessment centres
  • Sales and service-specific psychometrics