Healthcare & Medical

Healthcare & Medical

Healthcare procurement has shifted from a focus on clinical outcomes, to one based on value, assessing a range of factors such as the total cost of ownership of a medical device from purchase to end of use.

Yet many sellers struggle in this environment. Marketing information tends to be specification-led and focused on patient outcomes, products are launched with only clinical ‘argumentation’, and salespeople are often ex-clinicians themselves – most comfortable meeting with clinicians and out of their comfort zone with financial buyers.

Imparta works with clients across a range of areas within healthcare, including medical devices, life sciences, healthcare provision and pharmaceutical distribution, to improve the skills of both direct and indirect salespeople.

Industry issues & how we can help…

Shift to Value Buying

Imparta can help your sales team to achieve a consistent, client-focused approach to creating value and selling across geographies and channels. We can also train staff in commercial and business acumen so that they can engage with financial buyers and channels to build a case and demonstrate financial impact. The 3D Advantage is an ethical approach to selling that staff from a clinical background can embrace.

Differentiation in a Crowded Market

Using 3DCCV for Marketing teams can help create marketing and product launch collateral that articulates both clinical and financial impact, while sales training uses insight and influence to drive new opportunities and increase win rate. We can also run specific campaigns aimed at short-term strategic goals such as launching a disruptive technology, or beating a specific competitor.

Increasing Channel Power

We can improve capabilities in channel management, including selling in, through and with the channel. We also build a deeper understanding of channel business models and how to drive symbiosis between supplier and channel, and manage the two levels of channel decision cycle.

Geographically Dispersed Sales Teams

We focus on the critical role played by sales managers in managing a dispersed sales team, and use technology to provide learning at a distance and at the point of need as well as through precision development.

I have some great news. I used the Pain and Gain strategies and the discussion was phenomenal. The client identified an opportunity ($5m) that can deliver twice the impact of what we expected. They have just been ‘CCV’d’ – Consultative Selling. I love it!

Account Manager, GE Healthcare