Demonstrate ROI and unlock decisions

Business-Critical Interventions:

Demonstrate ROI and unlock decisions

What does it cover?

This Intervention is designed to help salespeople demonstrate ROI to increasingly skeptical clients and customers, and to work with stakeholders in a virtual medium to unlock decision processes that, during this crisis, are often getting gridlocked at the C-Suite. Imparta’s research during the initial phases of the pandemic revealed an immediate 16% decline in pipeline, with 15% of companies showing a decline of over 40%. These effects have only increased, so this intervention is genuinely business-critical. It draws on two modules from Imparta’s award-winning 3D curriculum:

How does it work?

This Business-Critical Intervention uses up-front communication, contextualized eLearning and/or virtual instructor-led training, application tools, manager support, on-demand coaching and reinforcement.