Handle Overdue Debt

Handle Overdue Debt

Business-Critical Intervention

What does it cover?

Imparta’s Handle Overdue Debt Intervention is designed to help sales, service and collections teams to have effective conversations with customers who are late or unable to pay invoices. This is an increasingly common situation and will continue to be a factor throughout the prospect of Stagflation: inflation combined with a recession. Bad debt can have a significant impact on the balance sheet, so it’s critical to create solutions that work for both parties, and put you at the top of the list for customers with multiple creditors. This intervention, which is a half-day virtual training course, draws on Imparta’s long experience with effective service and collection conversations.


Engage Me

Impact: Conversion Rate

Build rapport through verbal and non-verbal mirroring, and an understanding of social styles. Engage customers with positive and persuasive language, and be able to think like a customer.


Understand Me

Impact: Conversion Rate; Average Deal Size

Uncover the customer’s underlying needs and the criteria on which a product selection will be made. Master questioning techniques and the ability to empathies and listen actively to increase rapport, trust and understanding.


Make it Easy
for Me

Impact: Win Rate; Renewal Rate

Agreed desired outcomes that move the customer through the Buying Cycle to a positive decision. Make customers feel good, and reduce the effort needed to commit to the deal.