i-Coach AI

Expert, enterprise-level sales coaching

GenAI is one of the few genuinely transformative technologies in our lifetimes, and one that no sales organisation can ignore.

However, generic LLMs such as ChatGPT are poor at coaching, and at selling. Even data-driven AI insights are only as good as the qualitative frameworks that underpin their observations.

i-Coach AI is the first expert Sales AI Coach that follows a proven, structured coaching process, and is fluent in all aspects of sales, account management, negotiation, customer success, commercial and business acumen, sales management and sales leadership. It is powered by Imparta’s award-winning, research-based Agile 3D methodology and complete, modular skills library.

i-Coach AI gives your whole team an expert sales coach at the point of need within i-Coach itself, or your own LMS, CRM or elsewhere in the tech stack. Even when their managers aren’t available. And in any language.

What is i-Coach AI?

i-Coach automatically detects what sort of help the user needs and responds accordingly. Examples include:

  • Answering any question relating to sales excellence and leadership;
  • Helping to apply sales concepts to a specific challenge;
  • In-depth coaching around a wider issue, opportunity or goal.

i-Coach AI can also simulate conversations with real customers to allow users to practice in advance.

i-Coach will help users to identify and plan effective sales strategies at every stage of the customer Buying Cycle, improving deal size and velocity, conversion and win rates across the team.

We can also create a customised version that blends knowledge of your products and services into the coaching mix.


Imparta’s AI coaching leverages our i-GROW model, a highly empowering process that guides sales professionals and managers to uncover their own issues and potential solutions, as well as providing expert recommendations. This approach builds confidence and develops the user’s own problem-solving skills, rather than leaving them dependent on AI.

i-Coach has full access to Imparta’s industry-leading research across over 130 skill modules

(100 modules)

3D Advantage Sales Curriculum

(30 modules)

Tech Stack

i-Coach AI forms just part of Imparta’s AI-powered agile ecosystem and integrates with your existing sales tech stack. Your teams can access coaching from within:

  • i-Coach itself (our Intelligent LXP)
  • Salesforce or Dynamics (contact us for other CRMs)
  • Coming soon: Collaboration tools such as Teams, Zoom, Webex

We are actively adding integrations; please contact us to discuss your requirements. More integrations and functionality will be added throughout the coming months.