The 3D Advantage™ Sales Curriculum

The 3D Advantage™ Sales Curriculum

Imparta offers a full suite of proven methodologies, backed by 22 years of research and experience working with the world’s leading B2B and B2C companies. The curriculum is powered by our unique 3D Advantage model and covers the entire customer buying cycle, from prospecting to customer experience and renewals, so you can move the dial on the metrics that matter most to you.



Each course in the curriculum is made up of modules that map to sales competencies. Define a team’s needs using our 3D Advantage Change Process, then fine-tune each course by swapping modules in or out, or allow users to self-select the modules they need. You can also use our competency models and assessment tools to define a learning path for each user.

Multiple formats

Each training module is available in both eLearning and workshop forms. (Subject to a release schedule, as we are currently rolling out the 3D Advantage toolkit across the curriculum). Versions exist for a variety of sales and service roles, and all are designed to be customized further to your business context.

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Sales Leadership 3D Advantage Coaching Commercial Acumen Deal Coaching Business Acumen Negotiation Customer Experience Creating Client Value Sales Management Core Sales Account Management Driving Renewals Prospecting

It’s all in the cards

We have a deck of cards representing each training module, which you can use in internal discussions to help define your skill priorities.

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