Your salesforce is an engine of growth, but one that needs frequent tuning to deal with new challenges.

Research conducted by Imparta and Training Industry Inc. in 2023 revealed pressures on:

  • Sales execution (making sense of complex buying situations and executing well).
  • Sales enablement (responding quickly to internal and external changes).
  • Sales technology (supporting agility in the team without overloading it).

Richard Barkey, founder and CEO of Imparta, leverages the latest insights and trends to reveal current challenges in sales execution, sales enablement and sales technology — and how to solve them.

Topics covered include:

  • The three most common challenges in sales capability.
  • How to assess the buying situation, choose the best strategy, and execute the right tactics in a three-dimensional way.
  • How to align learning use-cases with business objectives and implement change in a way that sticks.
  • How to elevate your sales tech stack, including different models for AI in sales.

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