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Imparta Sponsor Annual European Medical Device and Diagnostic Sales Training and Education Conference

October 2022 | Press Release

For its 7th consecutive year, the European Medical Device and Diagnostic Sales Training and Education Conference returns as Europe’s leading sales training conference, taking place on 2nd – 3rd November in Brussels, Belgium.

The 2022 edition is an opportunity for executives from large corporations and SMEs, exclusively in the Medtech space, to re-examine all stages of the sales training process – from planning to delivery – with their peers. Case studies, panel debates, round table discussions and further interactive sessions will uncover new and powerful strategies to excel amid the current global challenges.

For the past 2 years Imparta has led discussions around: 

  • Maximising sales performance by quantifying your value propositions
  • How to use sales Strategies to inform your sales training initiatives

This year, Imparta’s Head of Sales, Claire Cologne, will be co-chairing the event, facilitating a roundtable discussion as well as presenting the following topic driven by the pressures of rising costs:

Cashflow is King: How training initiatives can improve margins for a healthy cashflow – Without a healthy cashflow it will be very difficult for organisations to cope with the rising pressure on supply chains, raw material/energy price increases and inflation, let alone generate enough funding for R&D and acquisitions. 

It is critical for salespeople and channel partners to be equipped to maximise margin from new opportunities and existing accounts and contribute to a healthy cashflow. 

The session will cover the training areas that organisations should implement to minimise margin erosion, improve profits and generate free cash; even when procurement professionals are striving towards commoditisation, including:

  • Understanding market rivalry to determine how replaceable solutions/products are and to adjust strategies appropriately
  • Utilising commercial acumen to identify key priorities for margin and cashflow improvements
  • Embedding value creation skills that build quantified, realistic value proposals based on clinical evidence
  • Delivering negotiation initiatives to support the planning and execution of negotiation conversations with both healthcare professionals and financial / procurement stakeholders

How to create client-focused quantified value proposals to help overcome key challenges of:

  • Increasing difficulty in getting access to stakeholders
  • Rising involvement of financial / procurement stakeholders in decision making
  • Lengthening of decision-making timeframes and higher chances of deals lost to ‘do nothing for now’
  • Increasing pressure on pricing / commercial negotiations

If you would like to discuss any of the topics above or Imparta’s offerings, please contact us or call directly on +44 (0) 20 3743 3021 for our UK office, or +1 (516) 595 0020 to speak with our team in the US.

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