Maximising Sales Performance by Quantifying your Value Propositions

This webinar shares proven techniques that the best-performing salespeople use to create customer-specific value propositions that use clinical data to quantify the total cost of ownership and projected financial benefits over the lifetime of a device/solution.

In this session we explore how to:

  • Influence customer behaviour to act now – rather than postponing decisions or staying with their existing solution
  • Use clinical data to build credible projections of financial value
  • Overcome the challenge of accessing stakeholders
  • Use aspects of behavioural economics to influence how customers react to price

Q&A topic themes:

  • Contractually guaranteeing financial benefits
  • Ethical influencing
  • Improving forecasting accuracy
  • Coaching
  • Risk / Reward contracting
  • Financing of healthcare / med devices
  • Training distributors

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