9 Ways to Reduce Churn and Drive Customer Success

Many businesses are realising what the software as a service (SaaS) industry has known all along: Recurring revenue has a major impact on business growth and value. All too often, however, that value quickly depletes through churn and poor account development. What’s the solution? Customer success — a relatively new discipline rooted ineffective training.

In this video, your host, Richard Barkey, founder and chief executive officer of Imparta and president of Imparta, Inc., demonstrates how Imparta’s new Customer Success and Renewal programme can improve your company’s key business metrics.

This interactive product demo will provide insights on:

  • The eight different types of customer success managers, and which to avoid
  • How to succeed in the seven key customer success challenges, from effective onboarding and launch to removing adoption barriers, managing customer health, solving problems, building genuine advocacy and securing renewals
  • How to build a customer success academy that drives long-term results

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