How to Use Sales Strategies to Inform Sales Training Initiatives

As organisations adapt their sales strategies to best meet their business objectives, their sales training, channel management and product training initiatives become out-of-date or misaligned.

This disconnection results in a limited ability to execute sales strategies. Salespeople and Channel Partners feel that they are not given support or training that is relevant to today’s or tomorrow’s challenges, and by the time that this is recognised and actioned, the sales strategy has adapted again.

In this Session, Claire covers the key factors that ensure sales performance initiatives are agile enough to meet the changing sales strategies of an organisation; including:

  • Understanding sales strategies and how they are created
  • How to use sales strategies to inform the planning of longer-term sales performance initiatives such as aligning sales structures to direct and indirect strategies
  • How sales strategies are adapted based on external shocks (i.e. Covid 19) and market changes (i.e. changes in competitor behavior)
  • Improving the agility of sales performance initiatives, to ensure timely support and accurate prioritization of needs

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