It is no longer possible for healthcare buyers to base a purchasing decision solely on clinical outcomes – these outcomes now need to be linked to a financial analysis, assessing a range of factors such as the total cost of ownership of a medical device from purchase to end of use.

As these buyers become more focused on financial impact, many of the healthcare organizations who are selling to them are struggling to differentiate themselves by demonstrating how their products and services create value.

Marketing information tends to be specification-led and focused on patient outcomes, products are launched with only clinical ‘argumentation’, and salespeople are often ex-clinicians themselves – most comfortable meeting with clinicians and out of their comfort zone with financial buyers.

Combine this with geographically dispersed sales teams, direct and indirect routes to market, and the increasing pressure of buyer’s budgets, and you can see why many healthcare organizations do not have a consistent strategy for improving their sales performance.

As Imparta’s proven approach is to focus on identifying customer needs, we are well placed to help healthcare organizations to:

  • Achieve a consistent, client-focused approach to creating value and selling across geographies and channels
  • Engage with financial buyers to build a case to demonstrate financial impact
  • Develop robust account management plans to run specific campaigns on for example launching a disruptive technology, or increasing market share
  • Improve the skills of both direct and indirect salespeople, so as to maximize growth and profit potential across channels
  • Provide input into marketing and product launch collateral that articulates both clinical and financial impact

We work with clients across a range of areas within healthcare, including medical devices, life sciences, healthcare provision, and pharmaceutical distribution.

I have some great news. I used the Pain and Gain strategies and the discussion was phenomenal. The client identified an opportunity ($5m) that can deliver twice the impact of what we expected. They have just been ‘CCV’d’ – Consultative Selling. I love it! Account Manager, GE Healthcare