Handling Challenging Price and Supply Conversations

Your customer-facing teams are most likely facing intense customer pressure on three fronts:

  1. They are having to explain supply chain disruptions to unhappy customers.
  2. Meanwhile, those same customers are demanding support with their growth plans as economies unlock.
  3. At the same time, your salespeople are having to ask for price increases, thanks to inflation driven by the other two issues.

This interactive webinar is the latest in Imparta’s hugely popular series providing support to sales teams through the Covid pandemic and its aftermath. Richard Barkey, Imparta’s Founder and CEO, will explore how sales and channel teams can take steps to manage these three issues while maintaining customer trust. He will cover the 3D mindset required to perform well in these challenging conversations, and explore a range of skills based on Imparta’s research into difficult customer conversations. Richard will then explore how advanced negotiation skills can be applied to create agreement around price increases in a way that is seen as a win by both sides.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The importance of Responsibility, Resilience, and Rigor in tackling difficult conversations.
  • The practical skills your teams need, such as how to open a difficult conversation, the importance of language and empathy, and the 3 types of Justice that customers want.
  • How Imparta’s FAST model for trading off in a negotiation can be used to achieve price increases while minimizing push-back and trust erosion.

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