Why Imparta for your Sales Training?

Imparta offers comprehensive Sales Training solutions across all sectors, at all levels of a sales organisation and on a global basis. We have the methodologies, experience and people to deliver transformational sales programmes, whether you sell directly to large enterprises, corporates or SMEs, or through channels and partners.

Sales Training Implementing Account Strategy

Many of the world’s best-known and most ambitious companies such as Intel, Cisco, Telefónica, Canon, Lonza and the WPP group, choose Imparta. Our sales methodologies and programmes are research-based, continuously updated, and highly practical. We know, because we take our own medicine.

Our programmes are modular, so you can combine different elements to create the perfect intervention for each team.

They are flexible, so you can reach a wide audience with the Virtual Sales Academy®, train in-depth with experiential workshops, or deliver rapid ROI with high-impact deal and account coaching.

They are customised, so you can be sure the exercises, role-plays, examples and stories we use will relate directly to your business.

And finally, the impact is measured and sticky, thanks to the use of our Capability Building System.

The Sales Curriculum

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