Interview: Cashflow and Sales Leadership

Interview with Learning News | Jan 2023

Claire Cologne, Head of Sales at Imparta, joins Robert Clarke at Learning News, to discuss the importance of equipping salespeople and channel partners to maximise margin from their new opportunities, increase it from their existing accounts and contribute to a healthy cashflow.

Organisations failing to maintain a healthy cashflow will find it very difficult to cope with the rising pressure on supply chains, raw material/energy price increases, and inflation (let alone generating enough funding for R&D and acquisitions).

Due to the huge popularity of this topic, Claire has delivered a series of webinar sessions exploring this topic in greater detail, including:

  • How cash supports the execution of commercial strategies.
  • Key skills that improve cash flow from new and existing accounts.
  • How to adopt these skills across direct and indirect sales teams.

Access the on-demand webinar Turnover is Vanity, Profit is Sanity but Cashflow is King.

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