Mastering Virtual Presence

Healthcare & Medical

Mastering Virtual Presence

It has always been challenging to secure time with stakeholders in the healthcare / pharma / medical profession; however, during the Covid-19 crisis, it has become even more difficult

This is causing salespeople to experience the following issues, which are impacting on performance:

  • Fewer stakeholder meetings, thus limited opportunities to influence clinicians and financial stakeholders
  • Increasing difficulties in differentiating against the competition – especially if the competition is more skilled in securing and executing virtual meetings
  • Rising pressure on margins; as with limited opportunities to influence and create value, price becomes the most important selection criterion

Sales teams need to be equipped with new skills and behaviours to use virtual meetings; it is no longer acceptable to just wait for the current crisis to recede and hope that everything will go back to normal.

The first area to focus on is enabling salespeople to establish a successful mindset that draws on techniques such as pattern interrupts to improve Rigour, Resilience and Responsibility.

This will improve proactivity and persistence – both key in securing virtual meetings.

Secondly, salespeople need to master virtual selling tools and the virtual environment to ensure that their meetings look and sound professional, with the use of features such as screen sharing and white boarding to enhance the experience.

There should also be a good knowledge of the science behind virtual engagement, so that specific behaviours and tactics can be used to build rapport and improve interactivity.

Finally, salespeople need to build their skills in influencing virtually. Typical ‘pitch’ structures are particularly ineffective in a virtual environment. Instead, knowledge of psychological effects such as Loss Aversion, Contrast Bias and Single Option Aversion should be used to build and execute virtual meetings that are highly influential and memorable.