We inspire your service teams and connect them with your customers through brilliant conversations

Conversation Model
With decades of experience working with many of the best-known brands in the customer service industry, initially as The Procter Consultancy and, since 2009, as part of Imparta, we know what works – and what doesn’t.

We’ve used the insights from thousands of customer interactions across multiple sectors to develop our Customer Conversation Model™. Using the model, we determine what brilliant customer service conversations should sound and feel like, and we implement a proven process to make them happen.

That are inspired by customer insights and behaviors

We work with you to break existing habits and empower your people to think and act in a new, different and customer-focused way.

We help you deliver conversations based on powerful customer insights and an understanding of customer behaviors and preferences. These transformational solutions deliver measurable results that typically focus on Net Promoter Score (NPS), customer satisfaction, customer effort, complaint resolution or collection metrics.

As a partner they have been great. It has real long-term viability and we’ve made great progress building on the strong foundations thanks to the Driving Customer Satisfaction program. Chief Operating Officer, Volkswagen Financial Services

With these transformational Service solutions

The Service curriculum provides the foundation for the development of the skills needed to deliver consistently brilliant conversations that make your customers smile – whether they take place face to face, in service centers or using digital channels.

To ensure training leads to sustainable change and performance improvement, our solutions are delivered using a blend of workshops, online learning, and coaching activities within our award-winning Capability Building® System.

The programs can also be blended with our Sales through Service and Sales solutions.

The Service Curriculum

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