The business models of ICT organizations are changing, moving away from selling single products to multi-layered, multi-service contracts. These contracts extend from mobile, broadband, hardware, networks, content, data, services and consultancy services to full outsourcing arrangements, and are promoted in a baffling range of bundles and offers.

It’s easy for business customers to get confused and frustrated. And for salespeople to avoid the change by continuing to sell what they know best and has worked for them before.

As this complexity has increased, so have the demands on ICT organizations and their salespeople. The value of these contracts are determined by both their duration and scope, therefore the skills of the salesperson are often critical to the size and profitability of the contract. These sales skills need to be evident not only at the beginning of a contract but also throughout the relationship to drive adoption of the service, improve perception of the service’s value, and retain and extend the contract into future periods.

Imparta create value at every opportunity, are always mindful of our needs and always deliver on their promises. Head of Sales Academy, Major Telecommunications Company

Imparta has extensive experience working with the sales organizations of ICT companies. One of the world’s largest multinational telecommunications companies asked us to deliver a comprehensive Sales Academy. Their ambitious service-based growth strategy relied on the readiness and ability of their sales teams to take on new challenges and opportunities. The client’s own analysis determined that the Academy generated over £400m in incremental revenues.

With a major manufacturing, IT and networking business, Imparta delivered a digital sales program for their 3000-strong virtual sales team. It was developed as an induction program to get new starters selling the company’s products and solutions in a customer-focused way. The program combines the effectiveness of online learning with many of the attributes of a real-life Academy, including manager interventions, feedback and simulations.

The program has been incredibly well received, particularly the interactivity of the sales simulations and the multiple learning mediums that appeal to our millennial learners. It’s really scalable, and while our prime objective was the speed to productivity of new sales hires, we’ve also projected savings of over $1 million in 3 years. Director of Commercial Sales Acceleration, Global Manufacturing, IT and Networking Business