Customer Experience

Customer Experience (3DCX™)

We help you deliver service that surprises. We want your service to stand out from the crowd.

Most leaders believe that excellent service is about getting everything right…

…but the Peak End Rule, developed by Kahnmann and Frederickson, says that people judge experiences based only on snapshots: how they feel at the peak (the most emotionally intense moment), and how they feel at the end.

We’ve studied which emotions drive the strongest feelings of trust, advocacy, and buy-in to a service or product, and it’s not necessarily what you’d think.

Of all the emotions we can access, happiness, excitement, and elation (surprise) are the most memorable and will help influence customer perception and behavior. Interestingly, calmness and relaxation are emotions that nullify the experience.

Imparta’s 3DCX program focuses on:

Driving the Brand Experience

3DCX turns traditional transactions into emotive brand experience, underpinned by the three dimensions of Insight, Influence, and Trust.

Understanding the Customer

At the core of the 3DCX philosophy is understanding how the individual should interact with each unique customer, based on their characteristics, preferences, and where they are in the buying cycle.

Creating Emotional Connections

3DCX training enables your teams to use these emotional activities to deliver positively memorable customer experiences that create emotional connections, eliciting a desire to return, and ultimately driving long-term loyalty.

There is a second dimension to emotion in a sales-through-service context.

Without emotion, you are seen as an organization that completes tasks, nothing more.

This doesn’t create a negative experience, but it does stop you having sales conversations because you’re not seen as qualified to add value.

3DCX training is ideally suited to sales-through-service environments.

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