Sales Agility

Introducing Sales Agility

Helping sales teams adapt to changing buying dynamics.

We’re thrilled to introduce Sales Agility, the latest addition to our 3D Advantage® methodology. This enhancement follows Imparta’s recent acquisition of VantagePoint Performance, marking the culmination of a year-long collaboration to integrate cutting-edge research, sales methodologies, and delivery approaches.

With over two decades of industry-leading expertise, VantagePoint Performance brings unparalleled insights into sales and sales management. Their unique Sales Agility approach empowers sales teams to navigate complex buying situations with precision, enabling them to select the most effective strategies and tactics for each scenario.

At Imparta, we’re committed to driving measurable, sustainable performance improvements in sales teams. Our 3D Advantage® methodology equips salespeople to execute every selling motion optimally throughout the customer Buying Cycle. With Sales Agility, we’re taking this commitment even further by ensuring sales teams can adapt their approach to changing buying dynamics.

Our research indicates that top-performing salespeople excel at adapting their approach to evolving buying situations, rather than adhering rigidly to a standard methodology. Sales Agility emphasises a multi-dimensional approach, blending Insight, Influence, and Trust in executing selling motions. Our training empowers sales teams to navigate the nonlinear customer buying journey adeptly and apply the right skills in each scenario rigorously.

Integrating Sales Agility into Your Imparta Curriculum

To supplement your Imparta curriculum, we’ve developed two new programmes.

Both programmes feature robust decision-making frameworks, ensuring alignment between sales execution, coaching, and organisational objectives.

sales skills training

1-Day Workshop for Salespeople

  • Assess the buyer’s situation and position in the Buying Cycle.
  • Choose the appropriate sales play.
  • Execute using the 3D Advantage approach.
sales management programmes

2-Day Workshop for Sales Managers

  • Drive effective sales performance through the Sales Management Code.
  • Assess team and seller performance against target results.
  • Prioritise KPIs for achieving results.
  • Conduct high-impact coaching aligned with organisational goals.

Ready to Drive Sales Growth?

For more information on Sales Agility and how it can empower your sales team, please get in touch with your Imparta contact. We’re eager to discuss how this new content can support your efforts in driving sales growth.

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