Challenges and Solutions to the Thorniest Sales Performance Problems

In this insight-packed webinar, Dr. Michelle Vazzana will share recent research that outlines how the highest-performing sales organisations equip their sales force to succeed.

In this webinar, Michelle Vazzana, Chief Innovation Officer at Imparta, shares the research into sales agile sales execution, agile sales enablement, and agile sales technology. These three components form a powerful ecosystem for driving outsized performance.

Michelle will explore the challenges in each of these three areas, how those challenges manifest, and how to solve these problems most effectively, efficiently, and permanently to generate consistently superior sales performance.

Participants will walk away with:

  • A clear understanding of the importance of sales agility based on recent quantitative research.
  • The decision-making approach used by the most agile sellers.
  • How the highest-performing sellers execute with insight, influence, and trust.
  • How the most successful organizations drive change and meet constantly changing commercial requirements.
  • How agile sales technology supports equipping and supporting sellers within their flow of work.

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