GenAI is one of the few genuinely transformative technologies in our lifetimes, and one that no sales organisation can ignore. However, general-purpose AI is actually very bad at selling, and even data-driven AI insights are only as good as the qualitative frameworks that underpin their observations. So how can sales leaders realise the true potential of AI?

In this webinar, Richard Barkey, Imparta’s founder and CEO, explains Imparta’s AI Charter, designed to help clients, as well as the wider sales community, achieve dramatic returns from sales AI. Richard explains the game-changing impact of equipping GenAI with a full understanding of all aspects of sales, sales management and leadership.

During the webinar, Richard announces details of i-Coach AI, an enterprise-grade sales coaching tool that is available now, along with Imparta’s upcoming course for sales teams: Leveraging AI for Sales. He also sets out a range of essential use-cases that we are rolling out across Imparta’s agile sales ecosystem and across the tech stack, including:

  • IP-aware skills assessment and learning curation;
  • IP-aware AI roleplays for skills training;
  • IP-aware AI support built into native CRM tools for account and deal planning;
  • Expert AI coaching (both on-demand and proactive);
  • User-defined customer and coaching simulators to practice key interactions in advance.

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