Virgin Money Developing a Five-Star Customer Experience

Virgin Money Developing a Five-Star Customer Experience

The Aim

Virgin Money plc is a UK-based bank and financial services company owned by the Virgin Group and founded by Sir Richard Branson in March 1995.

Virgin Money launched a new bank service, and as part of this service their customers have access to a private members’ club concept in four main cities around the UK – the Virgin Money Lounge.

Imparta were invited to support Virgin Money in the design and delivery of an induction programme at Virgin Money’s pioneering new Customer Lounge project. These lounges were designed to provide one-stop destination banking, adding a boutique banking experience that lifted banks from a place of just finance to a nexus of brand experience.

The objective of the lounge was to provide a home from home, a quiet haven – so that the customer can use it as a central base and rest/refresh point. The expectation was for the customer to receive a flawless service in line with five-star hotels.

The Solution

  • We started with a deep exploration of the beliefs and values that are required to make customers feel good in a high street financial environment.
  • Focus on the importance of first impressions was key in building a new movement and how it allows the building and maintaining relationships to exist between brand and customer.
  • Development of a Welcome Team that can flex to converse with anyone and in any way.
  • Creation of Team Managers, positioned as coaches, and development of a National Lounge Manager.
  • Encouragement of team members to handle challenging customers face-to-face while exhibiting the best of the brand.

They spent so much time really understanding what we were trying to achieve in order to deliver a different and exceptional customer experience. We worked together to create a four-week induction programme that was unique and specific to our needs. The feedback from all the Lounge colleagues was excellent and the facilitators were first class.

Lorraine Millard, National Lounge Manager

The Results


Increase in high street brand excellence recognition


Increase in positive first impressions

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