Givaudan Sales School

Givaudan Sales School

The Aim

With over 9,500 employees, Givaudan is the global leader in the creation of flavours and fragrances, supplying food, beverage, and consumer products from its 90 worldwide locations and 30 production sites. Givaudan’s goal is to remain and build on its current market-leading position. To differentiate themselves from their competition, Givaudan’s management team recognised that they needed to relate to their clients in a better and different way. They wanted to shift their sales conversations from being solely about flavours to talking about value for their client’s business, with the aim of becoming long-term trusted partners.

The Solution

Givaudan created the Flavours Sales School, a programme designed to both build sales capabilities and the sales coaching capabilities that managers would need to make the programme sustainable. The sales organisation and L&D team selected Creating Client Value (CCV) as the consultative sales methodology to drive change and sales success.

Sales Managers are central to the programme and attend a manager workshop to build their coaching skills. They also focus on the specific challenges of coaching salespeople on CCV. They then attend a CCV workshop with their sales teams, where CCV tools and concepts are applied to real-life client opportunities. The managers have an active role in the workshop as they coach their teams through the exercises and role-plays.

Following the workshop, managers get one-on-one coaching support from Imparta faculty members, either face-to-face or phone-based. This helps them to support their team members, who leave the workshop with specific assignments to complete. Salespeople must also pass a knowledge test to prove that they know the details of CCV.

A few months later, the team attends a refresher workshop, where stories and ideas are shared to identify and promulgate best practice application of CCV. Finally, all participants must submit a case study that quantifies their application of CCV. The case studies are also shared within the team to leverage the opportunity for social learning.

Without learning Creating Client Value skills, we would have lost the opportunity to develop a new product for our client. After CCV, we won the project and replaced the previous flavour suppliers.

China opportunity

The Results

3.3m CHF

Sales: CCV improved the value and probability of winning deals, amounting to a net 3.3 million CHF impact.


ROI: Every 1 CHF invested in CCV yielded 18.45 CHF in incremental sales.


EBITDA: Every 1 CHF spent on CCV created 4.43 CHF in EBITDA.

788,520 CHF

EBITDA: Assuming a 24% EBITDA margin, an additional 788,520 flowed to the bottom line.

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