Volkswagen Financial Services Driving Customer Satisfaction

Volkswagen Financial Services Driving Customer Satisfaction

The Aim

Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) provides finance and insurance services to customers across the entire Volkswagen Group in the United Kingdom. Teams focus on looking after the needs of customers and providing a personalized customer experience that represents the VWFS brand aspirations.

Customer insight showed that while VWFS was delivering a high level of service, their customers still expected a more engaged, relationship-focused conversation. Research highlighted considerable inconsistencies in the quality of customer conversations, which had become transactional. The commercial objective was to improve customer retention – and it was proven that this could be best achieved through increased customer satisfaction.

Imparta were asked to provide a solution to help their teams deliver a brand experience that was engaging, personal, and lowered customer effort in resolving inquiries. This solution had to factor in a change in mindset and behavior at all levels and with very limited time off the floor due to operational demands.

The Solution

  • Imparta led a full diagnostic evaluation process, generating a Customer Experience Framework from the results.
  • Design of a blended journey using the 70:20:10 Model in the delivery of learning programs.
  • Co-development of a legacy of self-sufficient training experts.
  • Design of a full mix of learning mediums, including videos, bite-sized e-learning, quizzes, and animations.
  • Creation of individual modules that were supportive of time and operational constraints, and tailored to the learning preferences of a largely young audience used to receiving information in short, multimedia formats.
  • Management-led training – managers took ownership of developing their team through power sessions and application workshops as well as in-the-moment coaching, this also supported the embedding and follow-up of key messages and behaviors.

I think the whole program was great, it was well delivered with good follow-up. Very interactive and useful to get all levels of staff involved.


The Results


Increase in VW’s business ‘colleague experience rating’.


Advisers agreed that the program had made a significant difference to their role.


CSAT score increase across all brands (score above 90).

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