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Fuji Xerox Sales Academy

The Aim of the Sales Academy

Fuji Xerox develops, produces and sells xerographic and document-related products and services in the Asia-Pacific region.

They compete in a rapidly maturing and commoditizing marketplace, with intense, price-focused competition, and the increasing presence of third-party purchasing specialists.

The business needed a methodology to push back against these forces, selling in a consultative way to retain the industry high ground in share and profitability, and to differentiate on customer experience. Given multiple sales channels, they also needed a consistent language and way of interacting with customers.

The Solution

A Sales Academy was seen as the best way to embed skills long-term. Fuji Xerox rolled out an integrated change program across the direct sales team, with the Creating Client Value methodology at its core. Key steps included:

  • Manager and self-assessments and gap analysis.
  • Creating Client Value Sales programs tailored to Fuji Xerox’s market realities.
  • Manager Coaching and specific coaching on accounts and opportunities.
  • The Academy was designed to integrate with the existing sales process, clarifying which behaviors add the most value at each point in the buying process.
  • Following initial success, the Academy expanded to cover all other Fuji Xerox sales channels, developing specialized change programs for both Agents and Dealers.

I am very glad that Fuji Xerox invested in this excellent, well-delivered sales training.

Corporate Sales Manager

The Results


Salespeople reporting improved pipeline/opportunities.


ROI ($50 on each training $ spent).


Estimated ROI per salesperson in Academy.

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