Our retail philosophy

We inspire your retail teams to connect with your customers through brilliant conversations – we know what works, and what doesn’t.

Creating a seamless experience in a limited time for a customer you don’t know, from initial acknowledgement through to purchasing, takes skill.

We help our clients with a proven approach for developing sales skills in retail environments.
We’ve used insights from thousands of customer interactions across different retailers to develop our Customer Conversation Model™.

Using the model, we determine what brilliant customer sales through service conversations should sound and feel like.

We will work with you to break existing habits and empower your people to think and act in a new customer-focused way.

We help you deliver conversations based on an understanding of your customer’s behaviours and preferences.

Whether you want to increase revenue, conversion rates, basket size or ATV, our team will deliver a high-impact programme tailored to your needs and aligned to your service aspirations (NPS, Loyalty or CSAT).

Imparta's Conversation Model

Creating memorable store experiences

We start by understanding your customers and what they want to experience when they visit you. Understanding and meeting these expectations and needs – online or in store – is the foundation for both a great customer experience and for driving your sales. We define ‘what great looks like’ for your brand and your customers at each touchpoint and at each stage of their buying process.

Once we’ve defined ‘what great looks like’ we agree with you’re a programme of training interventions that will give your store managers and their teams the skills to interact with customers in the best way, throughout their purchasing experience.

Your Brand Diagram


Virgin Money

Working with Imparta was a pleasure.They spent so much time really understanding what we were trying to achieve and we worked together to create a programme that was unique and specific to our needs. The feedback was excellent and the facilitators were first class.
National lounge manager, Virgin Money

Our approach – Retail Framework

Once we’ve understood your customers and what they want from an interaction with your brand, we will train and develop store staff and managers to interact with customers in the appropriate manner at each stage of the buying journey.


Welcome me

A natural way of inviting the customer in and engaging as appropriate

and filter

Understand me

Get to know the customer, understand what they want and like and help in the right way


Guide me

Get to know the customer on a deeper level, inspire them to try something new or different, help them to select what they need, reassure them as they make their choices


Make it easy for me

Eliminate barriers to purchase, make the customer feel valued, say thank you and inspire the customer to stay connected via whatever channel suits them best


Helping you overcome your everyday challenges

The challenges

How we help

New digital technologies are being introduced in-store – without the teams skilled to use this in a way that fully enhances the customer experience.
We help the teams in-store identify those customers who want to interact with digital as a part of their customer experience – making the journey seamless and memorable.
Customer expectations in retail have changed. With transactional purchases shifting to online, customers want more meaningful experiences in-store.
We ensure store teams are able to create an experience for customers that they can’t receive online. A customer will enter a store to experience the brand, so this is the perfect opportunity to create advocates, by engaging with custom-ers in a natural, authentic way – on a personal level.
While customers cherish the power and option to search online, they often find themselves overwhelmed by choice.
Knowledgeable store teams increase the likelihood of purchase by 48% – we ensure your teams are able to help their customers find exactly what they’re looking for.

Who we work with

Nespresso Logo
Nespresso concession store staff were trained and supported to deliver the Nespresso brand experience – in an environment where they are often representing multiple brands, e.g. John Lewis. The training included all stages of the customer journey – specifically streamlining the digital experience and helping at point of sale.
Calvin Klein Logo
CK wanted to drive a consistent sales through service culture across stores and online – enabling Store Ambassadors to successfully help customers through the customer buying cycle and different journey touchpoints – across Flagship Stores, Franchise, Concession and Outlet.
O2 Logo
The creation of a Development Academy that supported role and career progression in a retail environment. This was designed to drive improved business and customer performance through structuring and tailoring individual development.
Virgin Money Logo
The design and delivery of an induction programme at Virgin Money’s pioneering Customer Lounge project working with ‘Directors of First Impressions’ – to ensure customers experience a level of service in line with Virgin Money’s core value of putting customers at the heart of what they do and making ‘Everyone Better Off’.

Our programmes

The Sales through Service curriculum provides skills and development training for all service roles where teams are expected to sell to customers as well as provide brilliant service. From the fundamentals of sales and service to the management and leadership of sales and service teams, all the programmes are tailored to your context, industry and objectives.

The Service curriculum provides the foundation for the development of the skills needed to deliver consistently brilliant conversations that make your customers smile – whether they take place face to face or using digital channels.