Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching (3DSC™)

Growing your business by growing your people.

Imparta’s research shows a strong, direct correlation between a manager’s ability to coach and the performance of their team.

Sales managers are often promoted because they are great salespeople; that risks them being bad coaches. They know what to do, so they tell people what to do.

Good coaches act differently. They help people to figure things out for themselves so they can do it on their own next time. That improves performance, increases team engagement, and reduces staff turnover.

Imparta’s 3D Sales Coaching programme provides:

Sales Coaching - deep coaching skills

Deep Coaching Skills

Drawing on the three dimensions of Insight, Influence and Trust, 3DSC training helps managers to drive individual and business performance.

Sales Coaching - experiential learning

Experiential Learning

Managers learn by doing, through a service of realistic and challenging coaching scenarios, and our reinforcement tools ensure they continue coaching with the right frequency and to the right level.

Sales Coaching - integration with sales training

Integration with Sales Training

3DSC training is often run back to back with a one-day version of the training that the team is going through. We also provide coach-the-coach services to help embed coaching behaviours.

Coaching from sales managers is critical for us: Imparta has helped us to focus the activities of managers on those that create improved sales capabilities, making them more effective, and dramatically improved our performance.

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  • 3DSC


    Provide both motivational and formative feedback, using a structured and evidence-based feedback process.

  • 3DSC

    Handling Resistance
    to Coaching

    Recognise the difference between your own internal barriers and resistance from the coachee, and handle both appropriately. Interpret psychometric profiling information and act on the implications for each individual.

  • 3DSC


    Establish trust, build rapport and reduce tension to create an effective coaching environment. Use questioning techniques and powerful language to draw insights and ideas from the coachee. Apply influencing skills to help coachees commit to taking positive action.

  • 3DSC


    Use an extended Skill/Will framework (Skill, Will and Way) to identify the task-specific issues that need to be coached in order to improve sales effectiveness.

  • 3DSC


    Run coaching sessions using a structured coaching process, such as the GROW framework. Be able to vary the pace and depth of the process depending on the context (e.g. account planning session vs. after a customer meeting) and audience (e.g. one-to-one vs. group).

  • 3DSC

    Coaching Principles
    and Roles

    Understand the value of coaching and the core principles that underpin powerful coaching. Be aware of the difference between coaching and the other supportive roles you may need to play (e.g. guide, teacher, mentor, counsellor, motivator).


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