What is Deal Coaching?

Deal Coaching sessions are high-impact interventions that have an immediate impact on win rate, deal size and pipeline velocity, often generating several million in incremental revenue from a single session.

Expert facilitators help your sales teams generate game-changing insights, reinforcing critical sales skills as they go. Deal Coaching may involve a single session focused on a key stage of the deal, or a sequence of sessions throughout the deal process.

What tools and skills are deployed in Deal Coaching?

Deal Coaching facilitators are skilled in all of Imparta’s comprehensive sales effectiveness methodologies. These include consultative selling, account planning, account management, negotiation and communication tools and techniques.

What takes place in a Deal Coaching session?

Large must-win deals or strategic accounts are selected by you to be the focus of each Deal Coaching session.

In the Deal Coaching session (typically between three and four hours long) the facilitator provides direction, insight, coaching and support as sales teams plan and prepare to execute their deal-winning plans.

What evidence of success do you have?

We have run Deal Coaching with clients from a wide variety of industries, including financial services, high technology, telecoms, utilities and services.

Imparta ran a Deal Coaching intervention for a global energy company around a specific £3m deal in the pipeline. During the two-day session, the account team identified further opportunities and areas of added value for the client, as well as additional areas of competitive advantage and potential risks to the deal. Implementation of the strategies formulated during Deal Coaching resulted in the deal being closed shortly afterwards for £11m – a 366% increase in deal size.

A leading global networking infrastructure company ran over 20 Deal Coaching sessions, aimed at their largest clients, in support of a new product launch. The sessions successfully helped our client shorten their deal cycles, increase deal sizes and spot new opportunities. Following this, revenues for the campaign are running 20% ahead of projections, representing several million pounds in increased revenue.

Can you embed the skills needed for successfully winning deals as a capability?

Yes, we can. We provide modular sales training to address any skills gaps that become apparent during Deal Coaching. We can also develop your sales managers so they are able to coach using some or all of the tools and approaches we deploy in the Deal Coaching sessions.


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