Modern Strategies
for Modern Sales Training

Research Report

From economic inflation, geopolitical unrest, layoffs and labor strikes to virtual selling, remote work and shifting customer demands, sales and sales training has faced numerous challenges in recent years.

Has sales training met these challenges, or is it merely keeping pace? Or, more pessimistically, has it fallen out of alignment with what’s happening in organizations?

More importantly, what does the road ahead look like for sales training?

To answer these questions, Imparta partnered with Training Industry Inc. to conduct a comprehensive survey with L&D leadership and sales decision-makers (n = 376).

The findings in this report focus on modern strategies for sales training and their practical implications.

The takeaways can be grouped into four broad categories:

  1. Organizations need to align their sales training approach with their broader strategic objectives to maximize effectiveness.
  2. Sales training decision-makers should consider the dual focus of commercial and sales-specific demands when designing training programs.
  3. Sales training should be adaptable to different scenarios and future-proofed to meet evolving demands.
  4. Continuous evaluation and adaptation of sales training practices are essential for ongoing success.

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