Future-Proof Your Sales Training with Situational and Organizational Agility

In this webinar, Imparta explores cutting-edge research into situational and organizational agility. Equip salespeople and sales trainers alike to assess each situation, choose the right action, and execute quickly and effectively to manage complex challenges at the strategic, tactical and even individual level.

Richard Barkey, Founder and CEO of Imparta, will unpack the research and offer practical advice to build situational and organisational agility across your sales team.

This research-based session will provide practical insights that you can use tomorrow to:

• Assess and strengthen your team’s ability to sell in an agile, three-dimensional way.
• Ensure that your sales training is embedded into an agile change process.
• Go beyond courses to leverage the five main use cases of sales training.
• Align your sales tech stack (yes, including AI!) with organizational agility.

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