Virtual Workshops

Virtual Workshops

Imparta’s Virtual workshops provide powerful learning while allowing location flexibility and minimizing travel for our clients.

We leverage modern videoconferencing solutions to deliver synchronous live training online, with all the key features of the classroom, including:

  • Instructor presentations and slides
  • Group discussions, with the ability to ask questions etc.
  • Collaborative working on documents
  • Interactive polls and quizzes
  • Breakout groups for:
    • Roleplays (typically with two roleplayers and one observer to provide rigor)
    • Multiple simultaneous working groups that then report back to the main group
    • Application work in small teams

This approach gives people an initial experience, asks them to reflect on it, provides the theory that tells them how they can do it better and then allows them to try again, before finally asking them to apply it to their real accounts.

Imparta’s Virtual Workshop logistics:


It’s hard to focus on a web conference for two days in a row. We can deliver the bulk of the material in a modular format over the days set aside for a workshop, but we space the sessions out and use pre- and post-session to allow attendees to stay focused, and to use the time between modules to apply their refined skills.


Leading an interactive online session requires different skills to those needed in the classroom, and our faculty members are experts in this area;

Reinforcement and measurement

The Virtual Training approach takes full advantage of Imparta’s 3D Advantage® Change Process. This technology-enabled system delivers adaptive reinforcement and impact measurement to drive ROI.