Telefónica O2 Retail Academy

Telefónica O2

Telefónica O2 Retail Academy

The Aim

Telefónica is a multinational broadband and telecommunications provider with operations in Europe, Asia, and North, Central, and South America. Imparta were asked to help revitalize the O2 UK Retail Academy to help drive loyalty, competence, and sales performance among the retail population.

One of their main challenges was engaging, motivating, and developing their retail teams with the skills needed to differentiate on customer experience. Staff are based in-store, and finding the time for training, particularly offsite workshops, is challenging.

The Solution

Working in close collaboration with the O2 Retail L&D team, we developed comprehensive specific roles and career progression – where possible, to be delivered digitally. Training included online sales simulations where staff practice their sales conversations and techniques. The challenge was to drive improved business and customer performance through individual development at all levels, from adviser to store manager and above. The desire was to create genuine learning ‘pull’ rather than central L&D ‘push’.

  • Created a new Retail Academy framework – focused on role progression and career development at all levels from regional manager to sales adviser.
  • Designed competencies and footprints aligned to role profiles for nine retail roles.
  • Designed new LMS to support learning.
  • Created 81 different learning modules to support development paths.
  • Designed launch events and launch animation.
  • Created communications plans and process maps.
  • Developed four different methods of development – in-store tasks, skills labs, workshops, and e-learning.
  • Creating a culture of Think, Do and Share.

Imparta have worked together with us all the way – they provided us with a creative yet logical way of delivering development in a retail environment, and we are already seeing great results throughout the estate.

L&D Consultant

The Results


Increase in active in-store development time.


Increase in staff with active PDPs.

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